Boanerges Elias Bamaca (Elias)

Boanerges Elias Bamaca (Elias)

Graduate Research Assistant

Department of Biological Systems Engineering Email:

– PHAs and PHB production from agricultural waste, such as distiller’s corn oil, lignocellulosic materials while using different types of organisms such as P. Putida and C. Necator.

Advisor: Mark Wilkins

Co-Advisor: Rajib Saha

Hello, thank you for stopping by!

My broad interests are biomaterials and bioenergy. Currently I am doing a PhD in Biological Engineering, my currents areas of work focus on finding strategies to produce PHB and medium chain PHAs from agricultural waste material, using microorganisms such as P. Putida and C. Necator. I did my masters in biological systems engineering at UNL where I had the opportunity to work designing carbon based catalyst supports, such as graphene and activated charcoal, for nanoparticles of catalytic metals; the goal was to obtain good hydrogen yields from biomass.

Going back in time, I got my B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering in Guatemala, where I also had the opportunity to work in a sugar factory as a packing plant manager and an industrial safety manager, and even for a while I worked as a project manager for educational projects in the Northern part of Guatemala. I also have a degree on International Trade Management.

Outside of academia, I like to spend time with my lovely wife Abigail, family and friends. I love reading, Church, podcasts, long walks and finding a good coffee shop wherever I go.

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2. Bamaca-Saquic, Boanerges., Irmak S. Wilkins, Mark. “Enhancement of catalytic performance of graphene supported Pt catalysts by Ni and W for hydrogen gas production by hydrothermal gasification of biomass-derived compounds”. Fuel, 308, art. No. 122079 (2022)