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Diurnal Regulation of Cellular Processes in the Cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803: Insights from Transcriptomic, Fluxomic and Physiological Analyses

Saha, R., Liu, D., O’Connor, A.G., Liberton, M., Yu, J., Bhattacharyya, M., Balassy, A., Zhang, F., Moon, T.S., Maranas, C.D. and Pakrasi, H.B.

Proteomics analysis of isolated plasma membrane and thylakoid membrane from Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803

Liberton, M., Saha, R., Jacobs, J. M., Nguyen, A.Y., Chrisler, W.B., Gritsenko, M.A., Smith, R.D., Koppenaal, D.W. and Pakrasi, H.B.

Assessing the Metabolic Impact of Nitrogen Availability using a Compartmentalized Maize Leaf Genome-Scale Model

Simons, M., Saha, R., Amiour, N., Kumar, A., Guillard, L, Clément, G., Miquel, M., Zheni, L., Mouille, G., Hirel, B. and Costas D. Maranas

Nitrogen-use efficiency in maize (Zea mays L.): from ‘omics’studies to metabolic modelling

Simons, M, Saha, R., Guillard, L., Clement, G., Armengaud, P., Canas, R, Maranas, C.D., Lea, P.J. and B. Hirel

Synthetic biology of cyanobacteria: unique challenges and opportunities

Berla, B.M., Saha, R., Immethun, C.D., Maranas, C.D., Moon, T.S. and Pakrasi, H.B.

Web-based applications for building, managing and analyzing kinetic models of biological systems

Lee, D.Y., Saha, R., Khan, Y.F.N., Park, W. and Karimi, I.A.