Ding Tut

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Iowa State University of Science and Technology

Email: dingtut@iastate.edu

About me

My name is Ding Tut, but I prefer to be called Prince. I am part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Iowa State University of Science and Technology. I am a rising senior pursuing my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. I am currently involved in a REU, which stands for Research Experience for Undergraduate Students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for the summer of 2024.

In the SSBio lab, which is my REU, I am under the supervision of Dr. Rajib Saha and Lohani Esterhuizen on the project of Navigating the Fatty Acid Maze in Arabidopsis Roots. Within this project, our goal is to understand and break down the metabolic functions that occur within a plant cuticle on the surface and be able to redesignate it towards its roots.
Some hobbies I am interested in include traveling, hanging out with friends, as well as playing basketball.